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Our Sole Mission Is Putting New Guests In Your Seats 
TriviaTainment understands the value of new guest exposure! Utilizing our proprietarymarketing & reservationsplatform,you will gainaccess to a unique audience each and every week due to our depth of theme selection. 

Our themed  events will more than double the guest count of traditional pub trivia!

We take the guesswork out of trivia night by providing you a real time count of confirmed reservations 

allowing you to set the restaurant & staffing needs for success. 


Our events create a genuine buzz amongst a wide cross section of people including — 

young working professionals, corporate types, hipsters, video gamers, club kids, 

neighborhood sports fans,etc…

Have an edge on your competition by giving  guests the elite in trivia based entertainment  

• Unique guests  per event per theme
• Guests arrive earlier & leave later, increasing revenue 
• Creating a lively atmosphere and unique experience

Making it rain since 2018


(904) 200-1100

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